Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Batman Theatre Massacre…


For all the victims, family, friends, co-workers here in Denver…

Colorado Batman Shooting Ribbon

[Image via Facebook/Mark Rantal]

For those who don’t know, the ribbon looks like the Colorado state flag.

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Windows 8 “to go” on ASUS EP121: Best of both worlds without having to buy a 2nd Tablet!


I’ve been playing with both of the Windows 8 previews as they have come out on an ancient HP Pavilion tx2000 flip-top tablet. The bad news is, the tx2000’s pressure touch-screen is just not sensitive enough for a nice finger-touch experience.  The, quite frankly, good and surprising news was that Windows 8 even ran on the tx2000, which it did very well actually. Kudos to Microsoft!

But, I really wanted to play with a more modern tablet, like my ASUS EP121. But, I use my EP121 as my primary computing device, so I could not really sacrifice it for “playing” with the preview releases yet.

I knew that Windows 8 supported booting from a USB device, but my first attempt was not successful, primarily because I “failed to read the manual” Smile

But, I was re-motivated again after watching the Windows-to-Go demo at WPC last week, so wanted to get this working and carved out some time. The good news is that it takes less than an hour to create a Windows 8 Windows-to-go USB boot device !

If you’re wanting to do similar, I would suggest following the instructions located here:

They were the most succinct steps I found and worked perfectly (except for small change to step 12: See the comments on the same page)

I installed the Windows 8 image on my old 64GB SSD from my ASUS EP121 which was left over after upgrading my EP121 to a 128GB SSD last month.  I put the SSD into a USB drive housing which gave me a very nice, very fast USB drive. And like I said, It look less than an hour.

Additionally, I installed the Office 2013 Preview onto both my primary Windows 7 drive, and on my new cool Windows 8 USB drive! But that’s another blog all by itself. (I live it by-the-way)

If you want to, or even need to, have a handy Windows 8 environment around, but can’t afford to buy a dedicated tablet, the Windows-to-go approach may be a great alternative for you also! Just plug in the USB drive and re-boot.


- It is an honor to be of service

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