Monday, January 17, 2011

Here at last, here at last, thank you Microsoft, CRM 2011 is here at last…


As you saw, I got all flustered and excited when CRM 2011 went to RC.

But that was nothing compared to seeing the official announcement that CRM 2011 went RTW (Release to Web) TODAY!!!

This is a GREAT day for the Dynamics CRM product! And, if you are a Dynamics CRM professional, you should consider today a FANTASTIC day for your career and business!

My most exuberant kudos to Microsoft and the entire Dynamics CRM team!

We stand at the precipice of an incredible new year for not only the technology platform, but for where it is going to enable us to take ourselves and our businesses.  With over 500 new features that both enhance the technical aspects of the product, but also enable us to take the business value and business ROI to new heights not before reachable, we truly have the whole world at our feet!

If you still have not given it a test drive, I strongly encourage you to go sign up for a 30-day trial ASAP!

To all my Dynamics CRM friends, associates, and business partners:  Happy Dynamics CRM 2011 Birthday!!!


- One is pleased to be of service


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