Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google invests in trying to “Save the News” industry…


One of my current clients is a news media conglomerate of smaller [formerly independent] news and media organizations. We are working on addressing numerous challenges that they face throughout their organization and how we can both create new opportunities to increase income while simultaneously helping them manage expenses and increase both their customer’s and employee’s satisfaction ratings.

As part of my own personal research, I recently read an absolutely outstanding article from The Atlantic discussing many of the very critical issues that the news industry is facing and how Google has been working hand-in-hand with many of the leading news agencies, as well as several local and regionalized news providers.

While this article may be “news” focused, I would highly recommend  you invest in reading it if you do anything with trying to solve complex, real life, business problems and need to think about new, creative, and very-out-of-the-box perspectives to your challenges.

Thanks to James Fallows and The Atlantic for an outstanding article.

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