Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vote for my CRM 2011 WebResource feature request


I absolutely love the new Dynamics CRM 2011!  But, like any product and project, things are never perfect, no matter how great they may be.

I was recently drilling deeper into Solutions and WebResources around a LinkedIn addon that I am playing with, and came upon a limitation that somewhat surprised me.

I created a formal feature request on the Microsoft Connect site which captures the details.  Below is a copy of that suggestion.

Please log into the Connect site and vote for my suggestion.  Microsoft really does care about peoples’ feedback and items with lots of votes will get sooner attention!

Suggestion content follows:

Currently, a .js WebResource requires that you browse to and upload the .js file that you want included.

Sometimes, we want to reference a live http URL and not have a static .js.

In building a LinkedIn solution, we would want to have a WebResource for LinkedIn's widgets which is located here:

While I can certainly browse to that and have it uploaded, it becomes a static file within the solution and we would not automatically pick up any bug fixes or enhancements that LinkedIn might include in the future.

But, if we could create a WebResource that was like "Dynamic .js (JavaScript)" that took a URL instead of uploading a .js file, that would be fantastic.

Note that this scenario is applicable for many situations where other websites provide integration libraries via JavaScript that must be included into a web page.

Thus, I would strongly encourage the addition of a new WebResource that could point to a URL (for at least JavaScript resources anyways).


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