Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dynamics CRM SDK 4.0.13 now available


I am frequently amazed at how many CRM developers attempt to do deep CRM development without the use of the full SDK installed on their workstation!  I consider the full SDK one of my mandatory tools to be successful!

So, I, of course, got excited when Microsoft released another update to the SDK.

If you have never installed a SDK at all, START NOW!

If you are running an older version, I again encourage you to update.  Especially since this version has updates to the xRM libraries.

Speaking of the xRM libraries…

These will give you a sneak peek into the CRM 2011 development patterns and practices coming just around the corner.  So, if you don’t have time to play with CRM 2011, but have the opportunity to introduce the xRM libraries into your current 4.0 project… DO IT!!!

You can download the new SDK from here and from MSDN.

Happy coding!

- One is pleased to be of service

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