Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dynamics CRM 4.0 Developers Toolbox


Note that this was written for CRM 4.0. Please see the CRM 2011 specific list over here!

I am all the time asked about what tools a Dynamics CRM developer should have in their toolbox. While this is sometimes a matter of personal preference, below is a list of tools that I would consider mandatory to be a highly successful Dynamics CRM dev.


CRM Dev’s toolkit items

-          The full CRM SDK


o   This is more than just the .chm doc! It is full of examples, samples, addons, etc….

o   Including a new, cool, linq provider

-          The Plugin Registration tool 2.2 (far superior than the one in the sdk)


-          Fiddler


-          FetchXmlBuilder


-          CRM Developer Toolkit


-          OrbitOne Bulk edit tool



Microsoft's All-in-one-do-everything VM is located here:



Production/Deployment Toolbox




CRM Tracing Enablement


CRM Trace Log Viewer


AsyncOperations Cleanup



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