Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One item to make it easier to give Thanks this year…


While I do generally try to keep this blog to technology, my one main exception is with our very dear friends who’s son literally has only one-half of a heart.

It is with great excitement that I am helping them “get the word out” about Amanda’s (the mom) brand new book that she is just finishing: Informed Consent, A Memoir of Hope.

To help with creating the viral buzz around the book, which will help her get it published, I am asking everyone to join in the effort to help get this book published, and it won’t cost you a single penny!  I invite you to PLEASE go visit the book’s blog, read up about Liam, and sign up to become a Follower. Help create an incredible viral awareness of children with critical heart disease like Liam’s by simply visiting and registering to follow a blog.

And, if you are feeling super-thankful, please read my other blog about Liam and how you can support all the children with critical heart disease.

May you, your family, and all your friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Now, go visit the book’s blog!!!

- One is pleased to be of service

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