Sunday, September 26, 2010

Living with HALF a heart!!!


In the name of full disclosure, this post is personal in nature and is not really a technical pondering, but is very near and dear to my whole heart, and I’ll tie it to technology somehow. :)

Could you develop with only HALF a computer language? How about half a compiler? Or half a computer? Or, only half of your base-2 binary system?

Let’s take this closer to home…

Could you live (literally just plain survive!) with only HALF A HEART?!?!

Well, a very special friend of ours literally has only HALF of a heart. As it turns out, way too many children are actually born with much of their heart missing.

To learn more about our special friend Liam, please visit this blog:

If you would please be so inclined, and willing to give a few dollars in support of Liam and all the children like him, please consider sponsoring his family in the Congenital Heart Walk

I know that everyone wants your money, but every dollar helps and the children really need it.

Many, many thanks!

- One is pleased to be of service

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