Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dynamics CRM 2011 Partner Readiness Training…


I just got back from the partner readiness training day for Dynamics CRM 2011.  I will have to admit that CRM 2011 has got me feeling like a little kid in the proverbial candy shop!  The more I keep playing with and the more I keep learning about it, the more excited I get about it.

Just a few highlights of some new features that are going to be fantastic:


  • Microsoft Office Fluent UI
  • Ribbons (yes I like them)
  • Role-based forms and views
  • Field-level security
  • Advanced personalization
  • Support for 41 languages on day 1
  • Native Outlook integration/support
  • Customizable Help Advisor
  • Column filtering (just like in Excel)
  • Almost NO POPUPS anymore!!!
  • Return of the export –> import bulk edit feature
  • Ability to customize EVERYTHING (or very close to it anyways)
  • SilverLight support


  • Dashboards
    • Real-time charts and grids
    • drill-through charts
    • UI Mash-ups
  • Teams
    • team ownership
    • cross BU data visibility
  • Processes
    • Enhanced Workflow (background processes)
    • Dialogs/Call Scripting (foreground processes)
  • Inline, user customizable data visualizations
  • Goal Management and Reporting


  • Native SharePoint integration (including from Dynamics CRM Online!)
    • Automated provisioning
  • Queue enhancements
    • Ability to put ANYTHING into a Queue
    • Individual Queues
    • Team ownership of queues
  • Connections (connect anything to anything at runtime!)
  • Native integration with Azure
  • Support for Claims security
    • Start to get true SSO regardless of where the user sits and what they use to authenticate themselves!
  • Developer enhancements
    • Native LINQ support
    • WCF Services
    • REST
    • ATOM
    • ODATA
    • Json
    • Ajax

And much, much more!!!

But, that should get you drooling and pondering your own thoughts about the incredible excitement that is coming with Dynamics CRM 2011.

Go get your own BETA site today and learn for yourself! 



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